Virtuoso: Your World Awaits

The Virtuoso Travel Week Soundtrack

If someone were to Google your name right now, what’s the one word you’d want to show up?

Erik Qualman asked that question last year during his speech at the Opening Ceremony. Inspired by your responses, we asked singer/songwriter Lili Blessing – and daughter of Virtuoso agency owner Keith Waldon – to pen ten songs based on those words: Authentic, Love, Caring, Compassionate, Integrity, Inspiring, Genuine, Happy, Passionate, and Successful. The Virtuoso Travel Week soundtrack is the result, and since we think these words perfectly describe the world as we want it to be, it’s titled “Your World Awaits.”

Download the entire “Your World Awaits” album in MP3 format.

GAME CHANGER (Successful)

We understand the importance of success in any business, and, with that, also know the need to stand out. GAME CHANGER certainly does that with its heavy bass and pop production, and cannot be out-played.

WHAT YOU GIVE (Generous)

“What you give is what you get” – Conscience Karma creating the theme for this song. Regardless of what it is we have to offer, it’s important to give back what we can, no matter where we are.


Sometimes in hard times we shut people out, so this song is a reminder to tell those you love that you are there. To care for someone is through the good times and the bad, by staying positive “in the now.”

SCORPION (Authentic)

SCORPION is the heavy hitter on this album, bringing an intensity like no other. It symbolizes the fear of letting go of your outer shell, and revealing the real you.

DEEP BLUE (Passionate)

Diving into something headfirst, letting it encompass you entirely – DEEP BLUE represents that rush of passion.


SOMEWAY SOMEHOW is an upbeat song about the ups and downs of love, and the dynamics of whirlwind romance.


Integrity is all about moral honesty, and sometimes you have to do what’s right for you even if others disagree.


THINK YOU KNOW ME is about my personal experience with people being disingenuous, especially towards face value. It’s about being more than what people bargained for; more than they may have expected.


For Happy we wanted to convey the feeling of being elevated, either to a higher state of consciousness or a heightened mood. The production and instrumentation has a spacey, psychedelic feel that makes you feel like you are cruising through space towards your future happiness.

IT’S YOU (Inspiring)

Sometimes we get caught up in the little things and have to remember there’s always the bigger picture. “Look around this world – it’s too big for just you.”

Starting off this Album, we were given the top ten words from 2017 Virtuoso Travel Week keynote speaker, Erik Qualman that defined our Virtuoso family. We took these words, and, from there, started creating the soundtrack for Virtuoso Week by putting our own spin on each and every one. We hope you enjoy listening to this vast array of music, and would love to thank Matthew Upchurch for spearheading this project.

Performed by LILI BLESSING

GAME CHANGER – Lili Blessing
WHAT YOU GIVE – Lili Blessing
COMING AROUND- Lili Blessing
SCORPION – Lili Blessing
DEEP BLUE – Lili Blessing and Mason Ables
RIGHT RIGHT REASONS – Lili Blessing and Mason Ables
THINK YOU KNOW ME – Lili Blessing and Mason Ables
ATMOSPHERE – Lili Blessing and Mason Ables
IT’S YOU – Lili Blessing and Mason Ables

Kevin Butler
Mason Ables