All About Lili

20-year-old Austin native Lili Blessing has released her debut album, Lifeline, an emotional collection of 11 personal songs.

Lili’s lyrics and melodies paint poignant, haunting scenarios capturing life’s most vulnerable moments. Her songs are soulfully sung in dynamic, raw, whispering vocals, granting every listener the feeling of being the only one.

The title track, Lifeline, is a confession of love where two souls’ lifelines are given one heartfelt chance to connect. Gravity is both a personal plea and promise to help a loved one find a firm, happy place in this world. Awake shares a story of conquering anxiety to move forward in confidence and hope. Sticks & Stones portrays the dark tale of an abusive relationship.

Kinda Want You shares an upbeat quandary of wanting and hating the same person. Submarine is an awakening after a fleeting, romantic moment. And in a love letter to the artist Dali, Salvador is from the perspective of his muse, complete with a ukulele backdrop.

The oldest daughter of well-known and accomplished singer/songwriter Sara Hickman, Lili grew up in a world of music, art, and wonder. She has explored the world with her travel-industry father, Austin entrepreneur Keith Waldon, and because of her unique upbringing, Lili’s experiences are reflected in her wise, unflinching perspective via her music and art.

Photo: Todd V. Wolfson